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  QQ a friend sent this to me a little short, look after the deeply about. Sometimes love really helpless, when you miss, and perhaps will not come back to your side. The opportunity comes, if we failed to grasp that fleeting. I love being warned to men and women, falls in love with a person, say so bold, and show your sincerity, do not hesitate and a loss, the result is not important, otherwise you will regret in life.
  A 18-year-old boy from the falling in love with a girl. They are next, but it is not a class, the boys would like, and so on the university he will tell the truth, because the boys like girls laugh flowery face, like her voice pure and thin Dan Fengyan, he felt that the girl should be on his He would like to, and so it no longer.
  At the same time, they admitted to the University. To his beloved girl, he chose the same university, and he could have been a better school. After the girls to go to college to start a colorful campus life, every day that this society organizations, boys see girls wanted to live so happy, and so it. He still did not say.
  The sophomore Valentine's Day, he finally summon the courage to tell the truth, found that girls have a window of a red rose, he did not even have hidden in a jacket of red roses to come out. Girls ask you something? He stammered, no, no, I just want to open your hometown would be. Girls disappointed to see him, and then it sticks to the Red Rose poured the water, said the squad was sent to the same class.
  After graduating from the marriage of girls, but boys have not love, he just follow all the way back to the girls of their small town, he would have a chance to stay in the city, for their love of the girl identified him.
  He did not say that no one's own aspiration of the people he introduced to the target, he always refused to smile, people thought he was too much too critical condition, so few people and then gradually to control him, he Always look at a person to listen to music, but also do not know how long to observe the feelings. Once students drink more than a gathering of all, it was open they were a joke, did not say how near he was a month, he smiled, and nothing has been said that the girl was excessive drinking, watching his eyes: they see I do not. Distracted him there, do not think that sticks out of red roses at this time, he has become the heart Cinnabar mole general and let him feel bad. He had wanted to tell her of his love, but he would like, too late, really late, he did not know the girl changes have taken place in the marriage, she was divorced to do.
  Wait until marriage for girls from the end, he would like to finally say, because the girl he loves ah, he did not understand how they missed it, God would have given him the opportunity to have a good period of their marriage, but why is it here Give him a conclusion?
  Unfortunately, this is not the end, when he was about to declare a time when he was found to have cancer, he did not have the heart to allow girls to share his pain, so he still did not say. He wanted to let him take the secret to life until the end of it.
  Girls look at him, and declare that he can take care of, he said with a smile, I disdain you, I look at you to declare a long time ago, why wait until now? Self-esteem of girls affected by the injury, not from his point of view. Sometimes, he would in a bed in a daze, looking out the window of the leaves gradually falling, he would like his love like this in the autumn leaves, is a fall to the brain, finally buried in the ground and become An exquisite heart, but who do not know how he loved the ah!
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