Responsibility is a Badge of Honour for Youth

  (96年“21世纪杯全国大学生英语演讲比赛”二等奖获得者,北京外国语大学 徐义成)

  Facing this audience on the stage, I have the exciting feeling of participating in the march of history, for what we are facing today is more than a mere competition or contest. It is an assembly of some of China's most talented and motivated people, representatives of a younger generation that are preparing themselves for the coming of a new century.      I'm grateful that I've been given this opportunity, at such a historic moment, to stand here as a spokesman of my generation and to take a serious look back at the past 15 years, a crucial period for every one of us and for this nation as well.      Though it is only within my power to tell about my personal experience, and only a tiny fragment of it at that, it still represents, I believe, the root of a spirit which has been essential to me and to all the people bred by the past 15 years.      In my elementary years, there was a little girl in the class who worked very hard but somehow could never do satisfactorily in her lessons.      The teacher asked me to help her, and it was obvious that she expected a lot from me. but as a young boy, restless, thoughtless, I always tried to evade her so as to get more time to enjoy myself.      One day before the final exam, she came up to me and said, "Could you please explain this to me? I want very much to do better this time. " I started explaining, and finished in a hurry. Pretending not to notice her still confused eyes, I ran off quickly. Nat surprisingly, she again did very badly in the exam. And two months later, at the beginning of the new semester, word came of her death of blood cancer. No one ever knew about the little task I failed to fulfill, but I couldn't forgive myself. I simply couldn't forget her eyes, which seem to be asking, "Why didn't you do a little more to help me, when it was so easy for you? Why didn't you understand a little better the trust placed in you, so that I would not have to leave this world in such pain and regret?"     I was about eight or nine years old at that time, but in a way it was the very starting point of my life, for I began to understand the word "responsibility" and to learn to always do my duties faithfully and devotedly, for the implications of that sacred word has dawned on me: the mutual need and trust of people, the co-operation and inter-reliance which are the very foundation of human society.      Later in my life, I continued to experience many failures. But never again did I feel that regret which struck me at the death of the girl, for it makes my heart satisfied to think that I have always done everything in my power to fulfill my responsibilities as best I can.      As I grew up, changed and improved by this incident and many other similar ones, I began to perceive the changes taking place around me and to find that society, in a way, was in its formative years like myself. New buildings, new commodities and new fashions appear every day.      New ideas, new information, new technologies. People can talk with each other from any corner of the earth in a matter of seconds. Society is becoming more

  competitive.      Words like individuality and creativity are getting more emphasis and more people are rewarded for their hard work and efforts. Such is the era in which this generation ,grows and matures.       Such is the era in which this generation will take over the nation from our fathers and learn to run it. Yet in the meantime, many problems still exist.      We learn that crimes take place in broad daylight with crowds of people looking on and not assisting. We hear that there are still about 1 million children in this country who can't even afford to go to elementary schools while enormous sums of money are being squandered away on dinner parties and luxury cars.     We buy shoddy medicines, or merely worthless junk in the name of medicines, that aggravate, rather than alleviate our diseases since money, many people believe, is the most important thing in the world that must be made, even at the expense of morality and responsibility.      Such an era, therefore, determines that we are a generation with a keener sense of competition and efficiency and a greater readiness to think critically and act creatively.      Such an era, furthermore, demands, that we are a generation with a clear perception of our historical responsibility and an aggressive will to take action and solve the problems. History has long been preparing these qualities in this generation and it is now calling us forward to give testimony to our patriotism and heroism towards this nation and all humanity.     Standing here now, I think of the past 15 years of my life as an ordinary student. Probably I'll be an ordinary man for the rest of my life. But this doesn't discourage me any, for I know that with my sense of responsibility and devoted efforts to always strive, for the best, it's going to be a meaningful and worthwhile life that I will be living.     Standing here now, I think of the past 15 years of this nation, which has achieved greatness that inspired millions of people of my age, most of whom will not attain fame or prestige and only a few of whom will be remembered by posterity. But that doesn't discourage us any, because we know that the world watches, the world listens, the world is waiting to see where this nation will be heading in a time of rich opportunities and fierce competition.     I can't ever forget that little girl in my class who couldn't had the same opportunities as any of us here to enjoy a wonderful life today and a hopeful world tomorrow.     It is the sacred responsibility of this generation to face up to the challenges of the new century and to devote our sweat and blood, our wisdom and passion, to the historic cause of making this nation a greater and happier land for every one of us.    We are not going to evade that responsibility. We are going to let people down. And people, far and near, will hear of us. Frost will be brought to their backbones and tears to their eyes when our stories are told and retold, So let us go forth, my fellow members of this luckily chosen generation, and meet the new century in victory and glory.


  The Road to Happiness

  the road to happiness

  it is a commonplace among moralists that you cannot get happiness by pursuing it. this is only true if you pursue it unwisely. gamblers at monte carlo are pursuing money, and most of them lose it instead, but there are other ways of pursuing money, which often succeed. so it is with happiness. if you pursue it by means of drink, you are forgetting the hangover. epicurus pursued it by living only in congenial society and eating only dry bread, supplemented by a little cheese on feast days. his method proved successful in his case, but he was a valetudinarian, and most people would need something more vigorous. for most people, the pursuit of happiness, unless supplemented in various ways, is too abstract and theoretical to be adequate as a personal rule of life. but i think that whatever personal rule of life you may choose it should not, except in rare and heroic cases, be incompatible with happiness. if you look around at the men and women whom you can call happy, you will see that they all have certain things in common.

  the most important of these things is an activity which at most gradually builds up something that you are glad to see coming into existence. women who take an instinctive pleasure in their children can get this kind of satisfaction out of bringing up a family. artists and authors and men of science get happiness in this way if their own work seems good to them. but there are many humbler forms of the same kind of pleasure. many men who spend their working life in the city devote their weekends to voluntary and unremunerated toil in their gardens, and when the spring comes, they experience all the joys of having created beauty. the whole subject of happiness has, in my opinion, been treated too solemnly.

  it had been thought that man cannot be happy without a theory of life or a religion. perhaps those who have been rendered unhappy by a bad theory may need a better theory to help them to recover, just as you may need a tonic when you have been ill. but when things are normal a man should be healthy without a tonic and happy without a theory. it is the simple things that really matter. if a man delights in his wife and children, has success in work, and finds pleasure in the alternation of day and night, spring and autumn, he will be happy whatever his philosophy may be. if, on the other hand, he finds his wife fateful, his children’s noise unendurable, and the office a nightmare; if in the daytime he longs for night, and at night sighs for the light of day, then what he needs is not a new philosophy but a new regimen--a different diet, or more exercise, or what not. man is an animal, and his happiness depends on his physiology more than he likes to think. this is a humble conclusion, but i cannot make myself disbelieve it. unhappy businessmen, i am convinced, would increase their happiness more by walking six miles every day than by any conceivable change of philosophy.

  thangk you.

  Never give up

  good afternoon, everybody!

  nothing is difficult if you put your heart on it. nothing is easy if you don’t try your best.

  we often hear people say, “never give up.” this can be encouraging words and words of determination. a person who believes in them will keep trying to reach his goal no matter how many times he fails. in my opinion, the quality of determination to succeed is an important one to have. therefore, i believe that we should never give up.

  one reason is that if we give up too easily, we will rarely achieve anything. it is not unusual for us to fail in our first attempt at something new, so we should not feel discouraged and should try again. besides, if we always give up when we fail, we will not be able to develop new skills and grow as people. another reason we should never give up is that we can learn from our mistakes only if we make a new effort. if we do not try again, the lesson we have learned is wasted. finally, we should never give up because as we work to reach our goals, we develop confidence, and this confidence can help us succeed in other areas of our lives.

  probably the greatest example of persistence is abraham lincoln. born into poverty, lincoln was faced with defeat throughout his life. he lost eight elections, twice failed in business and suffered a nervous breakdown.

  he could have quit many times - but he didn't and because he didn't quit, he became one of the greatest presidents in the history of our country.

  lincoln was a champion and he never gave up.

  in short, it is important that we don’t give up when working for our goals. whether we succeed in the end or not, we will learn something, and what we learn will help us to become better, more confident people. furthermore, if we give up, we have no chance of attaining our goals, but if we keep trying, there is always a chance that we will succeed one day.thank you very much!


  When I was seven, I started learning English. I played games and sang English songs with other children. Sometimes, I watched English cartoons. It's funny. Then I discovered the beauty of the language, and began my colorful dream in the English world.

  I hope I can travel around the world someday. I want to go to America to visit Washington, because my cousin is over there. Of course, I want to go to London too, because England is where English language developed. If I can ride my bike in Cambridge University, I will be very happy.

  I hope I can speak English with everyone in the world. Also I'll introduce China to them, such as the Great Wall, and the gardens in Suzhou. I will teaching people of the world about the beautiful language of our country.

  I like the English language. To learn English is wonderful. I once wanted to be an English teacher . I also like Chinese literature. When I was really young, I was able to remember lots of poems. I also wanted to be a teacher of Chinese. Now I think that both of my dreams can come true: I will be able to use English to teach foreign friends Chinese and share Chinese culture with them. So that more and more people will be able to get to know the 5000 years' history culture, and the prosperity of our great China.

  My future is not a dream.


  My Chinese Dream  我的中国梦

  I am very glad to stand here to give thier a short speech.Today my topic is that the youth are the future of motherland  很高兴站在这里做这篇短小的演讲,我演讲的主题是青年是祖国的未来。

  When preparing for the English speech contest, I simply want to search some articles as the contents of my speech. I read a lot of articles, some from the university professor, some from the famous host, some from the college students, and even from junior high school students. But after reading it, I gave up the idea, I even felt shameful. Today,the topic I want to talk about is a solemn and serious theme full of glory and pride, which is a common aspiration of all our Chinese. Every Chinese has his own dream of China, and of course, there is a dream lingering in my heart only belongs to my own.


  So what?s my Chinese dream ? Finally I will announce.  We had learned a lot of knowledge and understood a lot of truth in the book. We had a basic concept to our country at that time. We know that our country is full of sunshine , and we are the future of our country, and our dreams are to be the hope of our motherland.

  我的中国梦是什么样的?先卖个关子。  记得刚刚上学那会儿,我们天真无邪。在课本里,我们学到了很多很多知识,也明白了很多很多道理,我们对祖国也有了一个最基本的概念。我们知道我们的祖国到处充满阳光,正在慢慢发展,而我们,就是祖国未来的花朵,未来的希望。我们梦想将来能够成为祖国的希望。

  However,We don't know what time to start,We are grow up,Life became not the same, though we don?t want to admit, it?s the truth that our mind and attitude to our country is changing. Our society became full of deception, indifference, intrigue, pressure, corruption, sinister, and we became irritable and not calm, detest the world and its ways. Our country seems to have become in a disastrous state too. A lot of young students who were nurtured by our motherland became impatient, let alone what are their dreams , what is the china dream ?

  这,是我们最初的中国梦。最真诚的我们,最真诚的梦。  但是,不知道什么时候开始,我们长大了,生活似乎一下子变得和以前不太一样了,与此同时,虽然我们很不想承认但是却又不得不承认的是,我们的思想,我们的为人处世观,我们对我们祖国的看法,也潜移默化中慢慢开始了转变。我们的社会变得到处充满欺骗、冷漠、勾心斗角、压力、腐败、险恶,我们变得暴躁,不冷静,愤世嫉俗。我们的国家,似乎也开始变得千疮百孔。而好多我们亲爱的祖国委以重任培养的青年学生们变得轻浮、急躁,更别提什么梦想,什么中国梦了?

  I was surprised ,when the old man fell down in the street,We are afraid to help him.I was disappointed ,when someone do good things were reported,many people think he was affectation, I was sad,when I saw many of young people become indifferent ,fraud and lack of ideal. Are we sick, or is our dear motherland sick?

  我很惊讶,当大街上有老人摔倒,我们不敢再去扶起;我很难过,当有人做了好事被报道,更多的人说他做作;我很伤心,当我看到我们众多的青年人变得冷漠、市侩、欺诈以及缺乏理想。  到底是我们病了,还是我们亲爱的祖国病了?  I don't want to talk about the construction of our country politics, and also speak impassioned speech on the Diaoyu Island event .I just want to appeal young people,showing the side of youth,good and confidence.We must learn to organize our own thoughts, correct our own concept, and change our direction to the right side in future life. China dream actually lies in  our young generation, especially of the intellectuals.


  Perhaps the strength of a person is small, but when his or her fate is connected with the motherland, he or she will be hero or heroine. Perhaps a dream is tiny, but when it becomes the dream of a country, it becomes inestimable. Perhaps I cannot change our country by my own, but if thousands and thousands of young people struggle for the dream together, our motherland is enough to make the world shock.

  也许,一个人,是渺小的;但是当他和祖国联系起来时,就是伟大的。也许,一个梦想,是渺小的,但是当它成为祖国的梦想时,就是不可估量的。也许,我无法用自己一个人的力量撬起整个中国,但是我们千千万万年轻人一起为祖国的梦想去奋斗时,我们的祖国就足以令世界颤抖、动容。  I dream to construct our beauty China with millions of young people who have the same dream. We do it without exaggeration but only with persistence.


  That is my speech,thanks everyone.



  I have been in University for about one year. During my stay here, I came to realize that university life is like drinking coke. We experience all tastes of life here, sour, sweet, bitter and hot.    I am from Province, which is far away from here. I often miss my Mum, friends, and relatives in my hometown. However, I can't see them very often. So loneliness always keeps me company. I am sad that I can't be there with them.    Lucky for me, life in university is rich and colorful. With more free time,we can do many more things besides study, such as joining societies clubs, and taking part-time jobs. Such activities not only make our life more colorful, but also help us improve all kinds of skills. The university is a society miniature, what we learn here will benefit our future life.    Our path in life will not always be smooth. Setbacks can't be avoided. Failing an important exam, break up with boy or girl friend, or refused by a promising company, such setbacks are likely to get us down. Sometimes we fell so frustrated that we even burst into tears.    Drinkin coke is wonderful, despite the undesirble consequent hiccups. It's bitter, sour and peppery, but also sweet. And you'll even feel excited after gulping down a glass. A college experience is part of growing up. We cry, smile, fall in love, get hurt, leave, learn and then we become a better person.    University life is like drinking coke. I'm experiencing it. And I know, I enjoy it!