Welcome to Zhangjiakou.My name is Liujingzhen,a tour guide of Happy Jurney Agency.Our driver is Mr Li,and the car we take is a East branded,white coloured,with the number 666888.Please pay your good attention to it.I’m glad to serve as your guide today.Here,please allow me to express our hornest greetings to all of you on behalf of our agency.Now,please keep your body-baggage in good care and be ready for getting on.(in the car),Now it’s 8:00 sharp,January 7th,2005.With the new year’s happy atmosphere,I hope we can have a enjoyable holiday together.I have to remind you that the weather in the north is very cold ,so please keep yourselves warm enough.

  Let me say something about our trip. Hebei is situated at the north of the lower reaches of Huanghe River (Yellow River). Its capital is Shijiazhuang.At the Spring and Autumn Period, because the Kingdom of Yan dominated its northern area, while the Kingdom of Zhao occupied its southern area, Hebei was called The Land of Yan and Zhao.

  Now we are going to Zhangjiakou,it located in the northwest of Hebei, 1990 kilometers away from Beijing, is the border area of Beijing.There are 4 districts and 13 counties under the administration of the government,Zhangjiakou has a long history and there are many cultural relics and places of historic interests,which are kept as witness of history,telling us stories that once happened in this old land.(get off) Ok,we arrive at our destination now.Please take all your baggages,we are going to get off.Take is easy,we have enough time.Would you please give a second look to the car we take :East branded,white coloured.

  Now this is Dajingmen Gate,it locates in the nouthern part of Zhangjiakou.Two mountains named Eastern and Western peace stand facing each other..In 1927,when general Gao Weiyue,the superior of Chahaer mounted it ,impressed by the plains and mountains,he wrote down such words:大好河山.These four words is of great strength,in compliance with Dajingmen.

  Dajingmen Gate witnessed the prosperity and downfall of the frontier tea-horse trade in the Ming Dynasty. It also made merchants both home and abroad gather in the leather metropolis, i.e. It became an important commercial pass because of the well-known leather, lamb and dried mushroom.. In 1673,the twelfth year of Kangxi,emperor of the Qing,Wu Sangui rebelled.Under the leading of the emperor Kangxi,thousands of brave Qing soldiers outside the Great Wall crossed Dajingmen Gate in force and marched southward,making a foundamental contribution to the repression of the “Three Region Rebellion”.Shortly after that,Ge erdan,chief of a northern tribe,led his army to invade and disturb southward for several times,making a substantial loss to the business between Zhangjiakou and Kulun,which is Wulanbatuo nowadays.So the eight business men who had provided the Qing with consistant arms and surplies before and after Qing’s crossing of the Great Wall,and therefore were granted great honor,wrote to emperor Kangxi,asking for a suppression.

  The emperor had the idea to suppress them long before,so in the year1697,he led punitive expedition against Ge erdan in person for the third time.The main troop acrossed the very place: Dajingmen Gate,and marched northword.The local people gave a warm farewell to the army and served a good refreshment.Finally this war ended with the chief’s suiside.Under the suggestion of the local people when heard the happy news,a Literator called Zhang Zicheng wrote down some words:内外一统,which means all around China unified.Then they carved it on a piece of flat cliff.And now,although 300 yesrs has gone,it remains legible and in a good condition after so many years of corrosion of wind and rain.It embodies Chinese people’s desire for unity of country and peace of living.

  Till now,our visit of Dajingmen Gate is going to be over.Wish today’s visit bring you satisfaction and enjoyment.

  Ladies and Gentlemen:now we are on the way to the airport.In this departure time,I appreciate deeply our friendship.Although we only have spent less than five days together,we have visited Chengde Summer Resort and East Mausoleum of Qing,appreciated the beautiful sight of Baishang grassland,watched the excellent performance and tasted the local flavour.

  We can say that,this is a successful and enjoyable experience,also the fruit of our efforts and cooperation.Fortunately,Mr Li and I had the chance of taking part in this meaningful and memmerable activity.Thanks sincerely for your help during our tour and wish you all happiness in the travel of life.


Ladies and gentlemen,

  Welcome to China! Welcome to our company!

  You must have had a happy travel after covering such a long distance. We are very appreciating that you come cross so long distance from India to China. We have arranged a nice guest house already for you to give you a good rest which will make you feel at home while studying here. We'll study and train together during your stay here.

  Of course there are so many things need us to study, especially the safety knowledge. Let’s work together to have a happy and satisfactory training and study here, and wish you enjoy each of minute!

                                                                         Yours sincerely



Ladies and gentlemen:

  Welcome to ______!May I introduce my Chinese colleagues to you ? This is Mr ____ from (China International Travel Service). He will travel with you throughout the trip in China. This is Mr ____,our driver. His bus number is ***. My name is ______. I am from CITS.My job is to smooth your way,care for your welfare, try my best to answer your questions, and be your guide/interest during your stay in ______. If you have any special interest, please tell your tour leader and s/he will let us know. We`ll try our best to make your stay in ____ a pleasant one. We highly appreciate your understanding and co-operation.



Ladies and gentlemen:

  Welcome to ______!May I introduce my Chinese colleagues to you   This is Mr ____ from (China International Travel Service). He will travel with you throughout the trip in China. This is Mr ____,our driver. His bus number is ***. My name is ______. I am from CITS.My job is to smooth your way,care for your welfare, try my best to answer your questions, and be your guide/interest during your stay in ______. If you have any special interest, please tell your tour leader and s/he will let us know. We`ll try our best to make your stay in ____ a pleasant one. We highly appreciate your understanding and co-operation.

  篇二:英文导游欢迎词 Good xxx, ladies and gentlemen.

  Welcome to CHINA, Welcome to SHENZHEN

  Please sit back and relax, Your luggage will be sent to the hotel by another bus,so you do not have to worry about it.

  Let me introduce my team first. Mr x is our driver,He has 20years of driving underhis belt, so we are in very safe hands. I always call my English name is xxx,my Chinese name is xxxx,you may call me xxxx or Mrxx, which is my family name. we are from SHENZHEN OVERSEAS INTERNATIONAL TRAVE SERVICE,On behalf of xxxand my colleagues, I ’d like to extend a warm welcome to you all.

  During your stay in our city, I will be you local guide, I will do everything possible to make your visit a pleasant experience.If you have any problems or requests,Pls do not hesitate to let me know.

  you are going to stay at the Crown plaza hotel, a luxurious ,five star hotel, Althouth the hotel is not exactly in downtown SHENZHEN, it is strategically located with easy access to many tourist attractions. As you will be staying in our city for two days, you will do well to remember the number of our bus and my Phone NO., the bus NO. is xxx ,my phone NO.isxxxx. let me repeat....

  There is one thing I must warn you against, You must not drink an tap water in the hotel, because un boiled water might make you ill.

  I do hope you will enjoy your time in our city.


  emple of Solitary Joy is located at inside west city gate of Ji County, Tianjin City. It is known for its refined architecture skill in Channel’s ancient buildings and has got the reputation of Six Best. These are: The earliest Dingshan Gate (Gate of Withstanding Hill) of the ground hall preserved now; The earliest Chiwei object on the Hill Gate preserved now; The earliest plane distribution which took pavilion as the center on the architecture plane; The biggest clay sculptured statue of eavara inside a pavilion in China; The Avalokiteavara is also the most ancient high storeyed one; The more precious fact is that the Temple of Solitary Joy has stood unscathed after thousand years of rain, snow, wind and frost and 28 big attacks, hence the most durable ancient Monastery of thousand years.

  Entering the Temple , the first comes to sight is 10 m high gate, on the arch of which there hangs a horizontal inscribed board: Temple of Solitary Joy. The single eaves ground hall roof was the roof building form during the western Tsin (AD265-316) and Southern and Northern Dyansty (420-589) period, which was called Siadading in ancient time and now it is called big roof. On the two ends of the plane ridge, there are inward Chiweis. Chi denoted sparrow hawk in ancient time, which is a kind of fierce bird. The stand base of the gate is comparatively low, but the hall pinnacle is much higher above eaves and the pottery animal figures look sturdy; solemn and sturdy. There is no ceiling inside the pinnacle, therefor the painted beam and purlieus are visible. The whole piece is exquisitely wrought, simple arranged and skillfully done, for which people gasp in administration.Crossing the gate, one comes to the core building - Avalokitesvara Pavilion, 23 m in height. Form outside appearance, it is two storeyed, but inside there is a hidden storey, thus three storeyed in fact. On the eaves corners, pottery unicorns are sculptured, on which little Buddha statues ride. Copper bells are hung under eaves corners, swaying with the wind, a specially refined scene. The most attractive thing is the structure of Dougong (sets of brackets on top of the columns supporting the beams within and roof eaves without——each set consisting of tiers of outstretching arms called Gong, cushioned with trapezoidal blocks called Dou). It is made of overlapping Dougong shaped wood blocks and bow shaped horizontal wood bars by adopting 24 forms with each layer stretching out as bracket, big in upper part and small in lower part, thinly scattered, steady and sturdy. It makes eaves of the pavilion look like flying, far and deep in the sky, a beautiful and magnificent view.

  Entering the Avalokitesvara Pavilion, the very sight is a huge standing Avalokitesvara Statue. If one stands by it, his height is only up to her ankle. The Statue, 16.27 m in height, is the biggest clay sculpture of Avalokitesvara in China. Two statues of attendant Bodhisattvas under the knee of Avalokitesvara are also 3 m in height. On the crown of the head of Avalokitesvara, there are 10 small Avalokitesvare’s heads, hence it is called 11 faces Avalokitesvara. Reviewing around the inner part of the pavilion, one can discover that pillars of high and low storeys are not directly linked through, but the pillars of the upper storey are inserted into the arch head of that of lower storey. The upper storey of the pavilion is in a form of six corners empty well, while the lower storey is in a form of square empty well. This kind of structure is not only beautiful and strong, but also adds the space of the upper part of Budha statues. On the four walls inside the pavilion, colorful murals are painted, the theme of which is the images of 16 Arhats and 2 Ming Dynasty Emperors, which are the earliest subjects of Buddhism. On he murals, 2 m high Arhats with 3 heads and 4 arms are extremely lifelike and Ming Emperors on the four walls are full of power and grandeur. On the upper part of the murals, there are mountains, forest, cloud and river, while on the lower part, there are paintings of secular themes with vivid and natural lines, which embody the superb the skill and arts of painting of ancient Buddhism in China.